The Passing of Mother


My bother called in the early morning to say I needed to come now as mom’s breathing was very shallow.  I was 25 mins away, even though she was unresponsive Bobby said I was coming and to hang on.  She took another breath to wait for me.  When I arrived I kissed her held in my arms & with that she smiled with her eyes closed and took her last breath.  Her sons by her side.

A god awful wail comes from the bottom of my soul on her death as there is special love between a son and his mother.

An Evening at Joshua Tree National Park

While on a trip to CA with my wife Linda I had a chance to spend one late afternoon and evening in Joshua Tree National Park. The park has at least 12 major areas for hiking, camping , and has a land mass of over 1200 sq. miles, covering two deserts – the Mojave and the Colorado.  Needless to say, one afternoon does not do it justice.

Dusk is the magic hour at Joshua Tree.  I used a small Meglite to paint with light – showing a bit of detail in the landscape while exposing for the night sky.  These images were shot with a Sony 7a mirrorless camera. ISO settings were from 50 all the way to 3200 for the night shots.

If thinking about a trip there (I highly recommend) check out the website first!

 Click on the images to enlarge.



Traveling on the Amtrak Auto Train

Summer travel with Amtrak Auto Train from DC to FL.



Hawks Pond

Early morning walk to Hawk’s Pond.