Las Olas Riverfront demolition starts today!

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Las Olas Riverfront along the new river build in 1999 as a premier location for food and entertainment meets it’s demise today 3/13/2017.

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Keith Douglas

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3 thoughts on “Las Olas Riverfront demolition starts today!”

  1. Man that sucks!!! I can’t believe that they’re tearing down a piece of history and such a beautiful building. Let me guess there going to put condos up where they’re tearing this building down at. I’m glad that I got to grow up in the generation that I did and that I was able to make the memories that I have at all the businesses and clubs at the river front.

  2. Good riddens that place has been an eyesore for years theyre redoing the old stuff by the river it needs some sprucing up finally !!

  3. A lot of people bought bricks messages on them through that stretch of River Walk. Sort of sad! I hope something cool goes in there!

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